Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dell's Eulogy

This past week we lost a dear friend.

Mr. Dell Personal Computer passed away after a brief but sudden illness. He was ten years old. That's about one hundred PC years to you and I.

Mr. Dell - or Model T, as my kids fondly call him - was a loyal and trusted servant, always there for me, from online shopping to food blogging to catching up on email, he never let me down.

Until this year, when he became slower than molasses in January, and hummed like a radiator, even then he still hung on.

May you rest in peace, Mr. Dell, your warm, inviting hum and soft alluring glow will be missed.

Note:  I've wriggled a laptop out of my kids' hands in order to issue this post. Future postings will resume next week, when Mr. Dell's newfangled replacement arrives in a box.

May he last as long as the previous one.


Nerissa said...

May Mr. Dell Rest in Peace. Reliable computers are nothing to sneeze at in these days of shoddy products.

I do hope you don't mind that I've tagged you for a meme. You can write it on the OTHER computer when it comes. Just answer the questions, post them on you blog along with any other people you'd like to tag to do it.

Michelle said...

Thanks for tagging me nerissa. Wow! I feel so honored! This is my first tag. The new computer is up and running. But, it just so happens, I am married to a Geek. I never really realized it, or, accepted it, I should say, but as soon as this 240 lb. ex-football player removes himself from the front of the new Dell flat screen, I will be honored to answer your questions. It'll be fun.