Sunday, August 3, 2008

Six Random Things

I promised Rowena, from Rubber Slippers In Italy, that I would follow up on her tag for Six Random Things About Me.

She had the clever idea of posting about her dogs. So I am following her lead and telling you about our cat Superstitious.

1. He is a large black cat named Superstitious and we call him "soup" for short. Sort of ironic ... I know.

2. He loves shrimp, but doesn't get to eat it often.

3. We call him our baby and once, while grocery shopping, my daughter tossed Fancy Feast into the cart and said, "We need baby food," and an old woman stared at us like she was going to report us to DHS.

4. He has been in a cat fight with every single cat in the neighborhood, and I have spent several hundred dollars in vet bills sewing him up.

5. He likes to leave little gifts of dead mice at both the front and back door.

6. When he dies we are going to erect a tombstone that says, Here Lies Superstitious, One Bad Ass Cat


Rowena said...

Oh I love it! Especially #3! LoL!! More memes should be converted to reflect the personalities/preferences of pets, even making a little joke out of it. I had the idea to turn a What's in your refrigerator meme into Maddie's refrigerator. I could easily list at least 12 things that she'd have in there!!

Michelle said...

I think that's a great idea rowena- more memes shoujld be converted to reflect the personalities of pets. I could actually write a book about Superstitious, he does something funny every day.