Friday, January 9, 2009

Secret Network Mandated Prerequisite

Do you ever have moments of ADD?

I tend to bore easily and then my mind wanders and I get lost in my own thoughts. This happens a lot. For example, just the other day, right in the middle of a conversation with my daughter, I kept smiling attentively while she spoke of minor issues -like supper and boyfriends and college and the new administration - and then my brain went off and took a little walk all by itself, as it often does, ignoring the task at hand, firing random thoughts at the most inopportune time when I desperately need a coherent thought the most. It is very frustrating.

The thought process went something like this ...

Supper? Hmm ... Ina made delectable looking onion rings the other day. Those might be good. I do like Ina. Anytime a gal over the age of 40 and the size 14 can make it on TV, I'm behind her. But I do like Giada, too. Hmm ... That's sort of funny, both their names end with the letter A. And then there's Julia, the first cook I ever saw on television, who's name also ends in the letter A. Wow, that's an interesting coincidence. Pretty cool. Flash. The synapses in my brain start firing. These gals all have names ending with the letter A. Oh my, Martha suddenly burst into my brain. Her name ends with the letter A. This is weird. Oprah has her own show. But she's not a cook. And technically her name doesn't end with the letter A, but it sounds like an A. Well, my brain rationalizes, she does cook for Steadman, and she does like food a lot, so I'll include her on the list as well. Compulsively, I did a quick rundown: Ina, Nigella, Julia, Giada, Martha, Oprah ... Oh my, I almost forgot about Paula. And then there's Lidia from Lidia's Italy on PBS. I like her, too. Wow, this is weird. Coincidence? Or is this some type of secret network mandated prerequisite for having your own show? Suddenly I envisioned Julia, the goddess of all television chefs, asserting in her marbled voice: Now, anyone can cook, but in order to have your own show, you must have a name that ends with the letter A.

Finally I heard my daughter's voice echoing in the recesses of my mind: Mom, Mom, are you listening? Perhaps, I tell her, I should begin calling myself Michella.

I really enjoyed the full moon this weekend. There is something so peaceful and serene about a full moon on a cold, wintry night. I especially liked the purple color of the eastern sky at dusk.

I haven't cooked much lately - nothing new anyway. Just the same old quick meals. We've got our house on the market and things have been a bit hectic, to say the least. So I am curious, what's your go-to meal when you need to whip up supper up in a hurry? My family is tired of the same old stuff. And I gotta admit, I'm in a bit of a rut and having trouble concentrating. As you can see.


Linda said...

I hear you and I can once again relate. My mind wanders often and I'm easily bored.

As for my quick go-to meal - I don't know that we really have that. Instead, we'll just order a pizza on a night when we're rushed, or a simple pasta dish is always quick and satisfying.

I hope your house sells and that everything goes well for you and your family.


Michelle said...

I'm all for ordering a pizza on a busy night. There aren't too many nights when a good pizza doesn't satisfy my food cravings. Unfortunately, we don't have a good pizza place nearby ... think I'll make that a mandatory prerequisite before settling into a new place.

Firefly said...

Hi Michella ;-) I love your blog, it is making me hungry. I've gotta try that cafe you mentioned.

Here is one of my quick meals:
Tortilla Pizzas:
oven 375
open can of tomato sauce, spread it on tortilla (on a cookie sheet) maybe sprinkle some garlic or basil or whatever. Have the kids put on any toppings/veggie that happen to be on the fridge. Add cheese. bake for about 10 until they get crispy. My kids love them. I cut them with a pizza cutter to make little mini pizza slices! ha.

Cynthia said...

You are too funny!

Michelle said...

That tortilla pizza is a great idea Firefly! I'm going to try that.

Thanks for stopping by Cynthia!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Michelle, Too funny! My mind wonders too. Hey, I just realized my name ends in an A! My real name is Maria! Does that mean I'll land my own show??

Michelle said...

Maria -
I definitely think there's a show in your future!