Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chapel Creek Winery

I had a spectacular time at a nearby wine festival this weekend.

First off, Oklahoma isn't exactly known for it's vineyards. And we don't have many historic buildings either since we've only been a state for a little over a hundred years. Also, I don't get out much. So when I experience all these things at once - beautiful scenery, wine, food, and good music - well, it's almost overwhelming.

Chapel Creek Winery is located just west of Oklahoma City near El Reno. It is part of an agricultural college, and to the best of my knowledge, the first to teach viticulture in our sate.

A beautiful church located on the property was built in 1913 by a women's group called Order of the Eastern Star and was once used as a school for orphans. Sadly, its dilapidated state prevented us from going inside, and funds are being raised to restore it. So I did my part by contributing the best way I could, and going home with some delightful White Zin in the back of my car.

There are other buildings located on the property as well.

And at first I hesitated to tell you about them, as I wanted this post to be idyllic and picturesque, like you see in the photos above. But like our weather, the architecture of Oklahoma can often be harsh and contrasting as well.

It's such a dichotomy. Directly adjacent to this majestic, old, beautiful, crumbling church, sets a foreboding structure, sound and austere, that resembles something out of a Rob Zombie movie. At least, that's what my son said when first drove up, in that laid back tone that young men have. Eerily and ironically, we later learned that the building once served as an insane asylum.

And in a nod to Hitchcock, birds have built nests beneath the eaves around the entire perimeter of the roof, thereby enhancing the buildings creepiness. The sterile, stark white exterior casts an ominous aura of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. People say it's haunted. And I believe them.

Ghosts and all, it was a spectacular day. My son performed beautifully on the classical guitar, the sky was blue, the birds were chirping, the burgers were tasty, and the wine was pleasantly smooth.


Linda said...

I love this post! Beautiful photographs, interesting details... fantastic!

Glad you had a wonderful time and hey, I see beautiful blue skies as well. :)


Michelle said...

Hey Linda!
Yeah, I was pretty bummed out about not being able to go to Whole Foods - but it'll always be there. We have blue skies again today! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather this holiday weekend.

Deanne said...

Hi there!! I followed your comment at Homesick Texan over here. I live in Oklahoma too - got your blog bookmarked - but I have to ask. Where do you find Dublin Dr. Pepper in Oklahoma?

We have been enjoy Pepsi throwback - I can't wait until they put it in glass bottles!

Michelle said...

Hi Deanne,
I love Homesick Texans recipes!
I found Dublin Dr. Pepper at two different places - "Pops" on Route 66 just east of Edmond. And also at "Market-C" which is the coolest little gourmet market located right next door to "Cheevers Cafe" on 23rd and Hudson. This market is where the restaurant sells their great food to go. It's a little expensive for my budget, but a fun splurge every now and then and everything is sooo good!

Michelle said...

Deanne -
I forgot to mention that "Market-C" is in Oklahoma City. I'm not sure what part of Okalhoma you are in, but both of these places I mentioned before are fun stops in the OKC area.