Friday, May 15, 2009

Due To The Weather

I gotta confess, I think I've been in a bit of a slump lately.

I call it a slump because I can't think of a better name for it. It's not the blues, or depression, or even a midlife crisis. I'm not on Prozac or curled up in a fetal position or anything. But I did spend an entire Sunday in sloppy, gray sweatpants and a t-shirt with a stain on it, curled up in bed watching chick flicks, strung out on Coke Zero and Entenmann's Chocolate Donuts. But that's a whole other story. I'm just lacking my usual zest and energy for life. And I think it's mostly due to the weather.

With all the topics in the world, I hate to write about something so mundane as the weather. One would think, I would have more to say. But we've had an extraordinarily wet, cloudy, windy, grey, spring and it's beginning to wear on me. And funny thing is, I've often romanticized about living in rainy Seattle, or dreary London, spending long, quiet days inside cozy cafes, sipping soup, reading Voltaire. But I think I know how those people feel now. Damp and depressing.

Just like that bunch of White Asparagus I saw at the grocery store the other day, I'm beginning to grow weak and pallid. I need sunlight. I need warmth.

On the good side of things, soup season has been extended, and my son and I ate lunch at a great little place yesterday, Cheever's Cafe, housed in an old flower shop in OKC. The large, walk-in, wooden, refrigeration coolers, formerly holding rows and rows of colorful flowers, now hold wine and desserts. I loved the atmoshpere. And in deference to this unending, torrential, precipitation we are experiencing, I ordered a great big bowl of Tortilla Soup. It arrived in a large, white, shallow bowl, generously sprinkled with thinly sliced, yellow and blue corn tortilla strips. Much like a creamy tomato, but smooth, spicy, rich, and loaded with tender pieces of white chicken at the bottom. I savored it. And was tempted to lick the bowl - but that would have really embarrassed my son. It was the perfect remedy for such a grey day and I can't wait to go back to Cheever's again.

Hope your week is going good!

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Linda said...

Wow, I'm sorry that you're still having wet weather!! I saw the weather map last night and it looks like the entire U.S. is dry this week and sunny, so hopefully where you are, will be as well. We too had too much rain this Spring, but at least we've had a lot of sun in between.

Thanks for the recipe and I hope things brighten up for you soon.
Linda :)