Sunday, August 9, 2009

Balsamic Chicken

For a person who loves food and holidays, August can be a trying month.

Biding my time, waiting for summer's heat to subside, anticipating fall, I feel trapped in culinary limbo.

What to do?

When relatives sprang a surprise visit on me last weekend - relatives who mainly eat chicken - I quickly perused some of my favorite food blogs for inspiration and found Proud Italian Cook's Balsamic and Herb Grilled Chicken.

I changed the vegetables up a bit, but this was an easy dish to prepare for a crowd.

I began by marinating organic, boneless chicken breasts overnight in a mixture of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, crushed garlic, Dijon mustard, a dash of salt and pepper - then grilled the chicken along with some fresh asparagus and finished with a squeeze of lemon.

Note: I own a bottle of aged balsamic vinegar, of which my son coyly said while drizzling over his bread, Wow, this vinegar is older than me. And he's about to finish college. Do not waste your money using this type of vinegar as a marinade. The cheaper balsamic from the grocery store works fine here, adding a nice sharpness to the marinade.

If you would like to see more inspiring and beautiful things to eat, go to

A bit of a warning however, her ricotta poundcake is weight-gainingly irresistible.

Marie, I hope you don't mind me giving you a shout out(!).


Proud Italian Cook said...

Michelle, You are a doll! Thank you for the shout out, who would mind that! Awesome photo of your dish, and love the asparagus! September is right around the corner, I'll be waiting for some good soup from you.
big hug!

Michelle said...

Marie -
My sister's kids are very picky eaters, and they loved this dish! So I gave all the credit to you. It was easy. Can't wait for soup season!

Linda said...

I'm a fan of hot summer weather, but the humidity is what gets to me and so, when the cooler, Autumn-like temperatures arrived this week, I've been happy and maybe I'll feel like real cooking again as well.

This recipe looks wonderful - I'll have to give it a try. Thanks!

disa said...