Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Haunted Past

Halloween - Late 1960's - I'm the Witch

I grew up in a small town in the 1960's in a Wonder Years type of house, right next door to a funeral home on a tree-lined street full of old, two-story homes that were great for trick-or-treating.
Fred Krueger ran the local newspaper. Really. I am not kidding, his name was Fred Krueger. And every day I walked home from school, wading through ditches of fallen leaves, happy to find my mother ironing and watching Dark Shadows on TV. After school, I watched The Adams Family and The Munsters. And in the evenings we watched the Twilight Zone and Bewitched. And on Saturday nights, a special show that played old scary movies called Dimension 16 came on TV. We even had a place called the spooklight that more than once frightened the witts out of me.
So now you can understand my love of all things autumn and Halloween.   
I loved it so much, I even gave birth to the sweetest baby girl ever on Halloween.

So it's rather ironic that the sweetest baby girl ever has such a haunted past.

When my daughter was in grade school, a scary thing happened. The doctor who had been on call the night she was born and had delivered her -- was accused of murder. A very violent murder. He is in prison now. And my daughter, the sweetest angel in the world, gets a perverse thrill out of telling her friends how she was delivered on Halloween by a murderer.
True story.


Elaine Warner said...

Whoa! I love it. Happy blogiversary -- looking forward to many more posts.

Proud Italian Cook said...

Sorry I missed your Blogoversary party, I tried commenting last week and something was wrong, it wouldn't publish, anyway love your halloween story, how funny!and the DR. Hilarious...Well.... not really:))

Michelle said...

Elaine and Proud Italian -

I'm glad you both enjoyed the Halloween post. Sometimes it seems life is stranger than fiction - or scarier at least. :-) Thanks for stopping by -- and all the encouragement. Looking forward to another year.


Linda said...


I had been forgetting to check your blog, and I'm so glad that I went back now and looked. Congratulations on your Blogoversary!

I adore this post - everything about it. I too love Halloween and have such wonderful (and similar) memories. I envy the fact that you have a fantastic photograph of you and your sister in your costumes. My parents didn't take many photos and NEVER of any of our Halloweens and oh I wish I had a photo such as this one. I'm sure that I had that same Witch costume.

I've really missed your blog - I always found it to be such a delight. Hope to read more from you soon.

Linda ♥