Thursday, January 14, 2010

Floydian Zin

Yes, that's a new banner up there. I had the winter blah's and decided to spruce things up a bit.

Isn't cabbage the most cheerful vegetable? I happen to love cabbage, both to look at and to eat. Makes me think of Beatrix Potter and the poem A Cabbage Patch by Robert William Service. Both British authors. As Frasier once said, No one's a bigger anglophile than I.

I do love all things British. Many of my favorite novels, TV shows, movies, and even a few favorite TV chefs come from England. Anyone familiar with Keith Floyd or Rick Stein? And who doesn't love Nigella and Jamie? And I would be remiss to leave out Marco Pierre White whose uber-cool image graced my daughter's laptop wallpaper throughout college.

My kids and I used to get a kick out of Keith Floyd who did a show on food and wine. He always seemed a bit tipsy and filled his wine glass clear to the brim. Sometimes, when I pour my wine glass too full, my son says, Now that's a Floydian glass!

We hadn't seen Floyd on TV in a while, so, out of curiosity, I googled him, only to find that poor Floyd had passed away only a few days before. The NY Times headline read: Keith Floyd, Jaunty British TV Chef, Dies at 65. Jaunty! Don't you just love that? Only a Britisher could be described as jaunty.

Previously, I mentioned the poet Robert William Service, who also wrote The Cremation of Sam McGee. A highly appropriate poem right now, given our recent arctic weather. Sam Mcgee hated being cold and had a very unusual way of getting warm. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do, it's quite funny and clever.

Quite funny and clever? Now I think I'm beginning to sound British. Best to lay off the Gavin and Stacey for a while.

I am looking forward to the new year and hope to have a contest soon with some type of prize giveaway. So stay tuned. I would like to increase my visitors, and hope to write and cook more as the new year goes on.

Think I'll pour myself a Floydian glass of Zin and look up some cabbage recipes.



Cynthia said...

Tally-ho! now how much more British can someone get :)

Happy New Year!

fegrig said...

What's occurin" Michelle i likes the new wall paper.

Try to source Nigel Slater not so much a chef but a very good and knowledgeable cook and cookery writer. "The kitchen diaries" and "tender" are very good.

Michelle said...

Cynthia -
Thanks for stopping by and a Happy New Year to you!

fegrig -
Cracked up when I read your post. My daughter and I watched a lot of Gavin and Stacey over xmas break and we've been saying "what's occurin'" a lot lately. Thanks for the Nigel Slater tip. I've heard of him but never seen any of his cookbooks, so will definitely look into that.

Linda said...

I like the new header - clean and crisp! And yes, you're right- Cabbage is cheery, if only my husband and daughter agreed with me on that...

I could go for a Floydian glass of zin right about now on this icy Wednesday.

All the best,