Friday, February 19, 2010

I Cook, Therefore I Am

There are many different reasons why people cook.

On Michael Ruhlman's latest blog entry he asked, Can I encourage other bloggers to post about why you cook? Spell it out. Writing it down forces you to know what you think.

In response to Michael's request, I will try to spell it out. And I challenge others to do the same, because I think he's right, writing it down does force you to know what you think.

I cook because:

I am hungry.
It's fun.
I refuse to let a corporation feed me and my family.
One of my kids is allergic to food additives, dyes and preservatives.
It tastes better.
For the smiles I get from my family when they eat healthy, satisfying meals.
It's a creative outlet.
Most restaurants are noisy, overpriced, and serve mediocre food.
Le Crueset. It's not just for room decor.
There's nothing more comforting and homey than a big pot of soup bubbling on the stove.
I love to shop for food.
It gives me a sense of control in an otherwise chaotic, haphazard world.

And as I posted on Ruhlman's blog:
I cook, therefore I am.

I would love to hear why you cook.


Linda said...

Your reasons for cooking are very well thought out and interesting.

I'm not sure that I can provide equally inspiring reasons for cooking. For me, the two-week menu planning so often becomes a chore and I gripe throughout the process.

As to my reasons for cooking ~ I grew up in a household where my Mom didn't work outside the home until my youngest sister was in High School, and since there is 7 years between she and I, that means that Mom never worked outside the home as long as I was in school. Because of this noble example, it is the way I believe as well and though I only remained at home the first 5 years of my daughter's life, homemaking is still at the TOP of my heartfelt responsibilities.

So, for this reason, I cook. I believe in preparing home cooked meals for my family and I firmly believe in the family dinner hour. There is rarely a night where we are not all together (the only nights where we're not, is when Sarah has been involved in Cheerleading). Otherwise, every single evening, around 6:30 p.m., we are all assembled at the dining room table, enjoying a home cooked meal of my design, and good conversation. Often, these mealtimes involve my parents or Sarah's friends in attendance.

Therefore, I cook because it is my tradition and in my mind, it's my responsibility. ♥

Proud Italian Cook said...

Great post Michelle, and many of the same reasons why I love to cook. I can barely go to a resturant without being critical, I love to shop for food more than clothes. My favorite way to spend a sunday, is to cook all afternoon and then sit down and eat a great meal together. Food is love!

Michelle said...

Linda -
Sounds like you have some inspiring reasons to cook. It's great that you and your family have this tradition of eating supper together every night. My family is not always at home to do that. And I'll bet your family and friends enjoy it a lot!

Sounds like you and I are twins -
I am critical of restaurants too! To the point of ruining the fun of eating out. So I've learned to tame it a bit. There's nothing more fun than spending Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market, then cooking up a big Sunday dinner. Love that!

disa said...