Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mason Cash

On a recent errand through the city, I spied a kitchenware store with a big red sign out front that said SALE.

I was in the wrong lane. I couldn't get over. I didn't know what to do. So I did what any normal Okie would do in a situation like that; I tailgated then cut off the car in front of me, whipped a U and headed back to the store. Not really(!). But I did turn around and go back to the sale. Which turned out to be a fortuitous trip indeed.

First it is important to note that I have a thing for bowls. Some women collect purses and shoes. I happen to like bowls. It's weird. Everywhere I go, I feel compelled to look at bowls. I have a sister and a friend with this same affliction, so I am wondering if it is a girl thing?

I have been admiring Mason Cash bowls for about as long as I can remember. They are made in England by a company that's been around for over one hundred years and they have a rim that you can grip and a flat edge on the bottom for easy tilting and stirring. They are the Roll-Royce of bowls.

I have spotted these bowls in countless movies and TV shows. But have never seen one in a store in my area before. So you can imagine how happy I was to find this bowl. I had considered ordering online, but didn't want to pay the high cost of shipping.

A nice lady steered me toward the sale isle where I also found an olive pitter; a dish towel; a Henckels serving spoon, fork and butter knife set. All for less than twenty dollars!

Then, just as I was about to leave the store, I beheld some splendid bowls.

My heart stopped. At first I couldn't believe it. Could this be the elusive British bowl of my dreams?  I had forgotten my reading glasses, so had to ask the nice lady to read the emblem on the bottom of the bowl just to make sure. The bowl was made in England, Mason and Cash, and the price wasn't bad either, about ten dollars less than online. And the best thing was, no lines at the checkout.
The nice lady wrote up a ticket the old fashioned way and I smiled with glee. "My husband is buying me a bowl for Valentine's Day." I said.

And the lady said, I hope he likes it.

And I said, Oh, he will because I will bake him a cake.

My bowl and I are now very happy together.
And I am certain we will have many more happy years to come.
But occasionally, I still look at other bowls.
I can't help myself.
I am only human, after all.


Linda said...

I must have missed out on the DNA for the purses though because I can't stand purses and I'm pretty darn picky about shoes as well. But... dishes (yes BOWLS) - I ADORE!!! If I had the space, I would have so many collections of such things - it makes me giddy.

Your bowl is lovely! And your writing is so fun and enjoyable to read. Glad your otherwise annoying winter week was brightened. And hey - guess what? When I was out hiking in the snow this morning, I came across a flock of Robins in a portion of grass where the snow had melted, and I don't know about where you live, but here - Robins are a sign of Spring. I had to stop and make sure I was really seeing them there - and yes, they were there. Maybe they're a good omen. One can only hope. :)

Proud Italian Cook said...

Don't you just love when you find something you've been looking for unexpectedly? Beautiful bowels Michelle! I have a thing with white platters of different sizes and shapes, square, round, oval, big, small, mini. I'm having a hard time finding a place to keep them all!

Michelle said...

Linda -
Those Robins are a good sign. I'm feeling a bit more optimistic now that spring will eventually come.

Proud Italian Cook -
Hmm ... platters are nice. Now you've got me wanting to collect those too. Such a good idea!

Guess there's a lot of us gals out there who like dishes. Such fun!

Anonymous said...

I am English and i grew up with these bowls, my fondest memories are of my grandmother making bread in the kitchen and the bread dough rising in a creamy yellow beige bowl on her AGA . My mother had one all my aunts had one my father who also makes bread has one and I have scoured every kitchen store for the last 30 years i have lived here in the US because i want one! does any one know where to get one in Kentucky?