Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thomas Keller It

One hectic day, my son was late getting out the door, so I offered to make his sandwich.

I sliced the bread, slathered the mayo, layered the turkey and lettuce, taking care to make it just right for my pickiest child.

Suddenly, perturbed and in a rush, my son growled, "Mom, you don't have to Thomas Keller it."

Now we don't exactly set around talking about Thomas Keller all the time, so I was surprised that my son even knew who Thomas Keller was.

And this sandwich I was making was nowhere near the level of a Thomas Keller sandwich. Not even close. But Thomas Keller is an icon for perfection and my grown OCD son can certainly relate to that. So whenever my son takes the time to make something really special, like driving 30 miles to a meat market just to get the perfect steak, he calls it, "Thomas Kellering it."

Or such was my case, putting a little extra effort into a regular run-of-the-mill sandwich.

We both had a little chuckle because we have never eaten at a Thomas Keller restaurant and I am pretty sure we never will, unfortunately. :(

But the term has stuck. And to this day, we get a kick out of "Thomas Kellering it."

I tried this Thomas Keller recipe a while back Ad Hoc's Rice With Roasted Cauliflower.  And my kids loved it.

It was pretty much a meal in itself.