Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chickens Sweeping Down The Plain

Rogers and Hammerstein certainly knew Oklahoma when they wrote those famous lyrics ...the wind comes sweeping down the plain.
It not only sweeps, it howls, gusts, blusters, tornadoes, and sandblasts. But most of all, it just blows, a lot, all the time.

My brother called today.
He's a true Okie through and through.
He lives on the other side of the state.
The converstation went something like this ...

Me: Hello! Little Brother!

Little Brother: How ya doin', sister Michelle?!

(I use exclamation points because we are a loud, goofy family.)

Me: Pretty good! What are you up to?

Little Brother: Oh, I had to take a horse to the vet today and now I'm just settin here, doin' nothin', starin' at the Oklahoma prairie.
Me: Sure is windy!
(At this point I must add that my brother and I live on opposite sides of the state. But if it is windy at my house, it is most certainly windy at his house, too. Like the song says, the wind comes sweeping down the plain. And it sweeps clean cross the state.)
Little Brother: Well at least the chickens aren't blowing yet.
Me confused: Chickens blowing???
Brother: Yeah, one time a storm 'picked up' and it blew so hard that the chickens went tumbling across the yard like tumbleweeds. So now, that's our wind gage. If the chickens aren't blowing, we figure it's not too bad.
Me chuckling: Poor Chickens(!).
Brother: Only in Oklahoma(!).
Me: I think there's a redneck joke somewhere in that.

This is Little Jerry Seinfeld. He has a girlfriend named Elaine.
My brother has lots of chickens.
He and his wife like to give them funny names.
One day my husband came home and I told him, Jerry Seinfeld died.
My husband, clearly confused, was very upset.
Not the actor, I said, The chicken.
My hubby knows only a family as nutty as mine would name their chickens after television personalities.
My brother also has a rather amorous rooster named Bill Clinton.

And two goats - Bert and Ernie.
My seven year old nephew named them.
And people wonder why we call their place the Funny Farm.


Proud Italian Cook said...

Poor chickens blowing in the wind!

Elaine Warner said...

Thanks for visiting my blog about horseback riding. I noticed on your profile that we like some of the same things -- including 84 Charing Cross Road. Have you read "The Guernsey Potato Peeling Pie and Literary Society"? I may have gotten that name wrong -- but it's close enough. I loved that book.

Michelle said...

Hey Proud Italian Cook:
Glad you stopped by. I was jut thinking about visiting your blog. I need a recipe for Vegetarian Lasagna. What vegetables do you use?

Always nice to meet an 84 Charing comrade. It is one of my all time favorite books - and you don't run into too many people who have read it, much less heard of it. I've seen this book you mentioned, but sorry to say I haven't read it. I'm putting it on my list "to read" right now.

Linda said...

I love this!

I hate wind. It is also always windy here in central Illinois, where there is nothing to block the relentless force. Last week was exceptionally horrible though and so I had to look up which States might have less. Illinois was up there in the windy zone. There are so few days without wind here that I have actually been known to note them on the calendar as "A Calm Day", because it's something really special to me.

I do not have hair that holds up well in wind. It looks beautiful otherwise, but add wind and I instantly look like a scarecrow.

Thankfully we don't have chickens ☺

Michelle said...

Hello Linda -
Yes, Illinois, especially Chicago, is notorious for being windy. That's so fun that you note the non-windy days on a calendar. Good idea!

Linda said...

Actually downstate Illinois is far windier than Chicago, lol. I know - since I grew up in the Chicago area but have lived downstate for 14 years (yikes) and I hate the wind down here. There is nothing to stop it - just flat farmland. Why am I living here?? I ask that question at least once a week.